lauantai 27. huhtikuuta 2013

7th BSBP Final reveal!

It's the final reveal time! A huge tank you to our hostess, Lori Anderson, who has been fighting with serious pains for the whole duration of this over 500 participant party! All that pairing and informing and instructing and cheering us along...

My partner is Marina, who makes felted beads. This was a challenge for me, because I had decided to make something for myself, and I've never felt a desire to wear felted beads... So even before my surprise arrived, I had made plans on how to alter them to match my style better, but when they arrived, I ditched those plans. I think it's the shape of the beads that was more Troll-friendly :) And the purple/fuchsia colors are very much me. Here is the package I received:

And here is what came out of it. I used all the felted beads, and added matte purple seed beads for spacers from my own stash. For the flower I used two kinds of the seed beads from Marina, and I think it serves as a great bridge between the felt and the crystal bead from the soup. The gold colored bead cap is from me, the gorgeous bead caps from Marina were too big for this use. You can not see the clasp, because I have misplaced the ones I received... *blushes* They were quite neutral, so it didn't impact the design, but I hope they'll surface at some point. The necklace is very short, so the flower lies neatly on my neck. Very cute for the summer, I think.

Here's what I sent Marina, go and take a look at what she made!

Here is a list of all the participants in this reveal:

Adlinah Kamsir
Agi Kiss
Alenka Obid
Alison Sachs
Amanda Tibbetts
Amy Sims
Ana Cravidao
Andra Marasteanu
Andria Poole
Angela Perkins
Anja Schultz
Ann Sherwood
Anna Nordeman
Annita Wilson
Arlene Dean
Astrid Boyce
Barb Fernald
Betty James Hoppensteadt
Birgit Klughardt
Bonnie Coursolle
Brandy Thomason McNair
Brenda Sigafoos
Carmen Lau
Carol Wilson
Caroline Dewison
Cassie Donlen
Catharine Temaluru
Catherine Turrell
Cheri Reed
Cherrie Warzocha
Christa Murphy
Christina Hickman
Christina Stofmeel
Christine Hansen
Christine Stonefield
Cilla Watkins
Cindy Cima Edwards
Claire Lockwood
Colleen Vinthagen
Dagmar Liebisch
Dana Fowler
Danielle Kelley
Deb Fortin
Dee Elgie
Denise Milward
Diah Anggreni
Diana Gonzalez
Diane Valasek
Dita Basu
Donetta Farrington
Doris Stumpf
Elizabeth Bunn
Elizabeth Drake
Elizabeth Jones
Elizabeth Stolarczyk
Ema Kilroy
Erin Kenny
Evelyn Duberry
Fay Wolfenden
Francesca Watson
Gen Smith
Ginger Davis Allman
Giorgia Rossini
Hannah Annear
Heather Otto
Heidi Kingman
Ildiko Jarai
Iveth Caruso
Jackie Locantore
Jacqueline Keller
Jane Pranata Lim
Jennifer Davis
Jennifer Tough
Jenny Vidberg
Jessica Klaaren Http://
Joanna Matuszczyk
Joyce Becker
Judith Johnston
Judy Riley
JuLee Wolfe
June Butt
Karen Mitchell
Kari Asbury
Karin King
Karin von Hoeren
Karla Morgan
Kathrin Lembke
Kathy Stemke
Katja Benevol Gabrijelcic
Katy Heider
Kay Thomerson
Kelley Fogle
Keren Panthaki
Kimberly Idalski
Kirsi Loponen
Klaudia Tóth
Krista Quantrill
Kristina Hahn Eleniak  
Kristina Johansson
Laney Mead
Lara Lutrick
Laura Guenther
Lauren Potts
Laurie Vyselaar
Leah Tees
Lena Adams
Lesley Watt
Leslie Wayment
Linda Kropp
Linda Newnham
Linda Younkman
Lisa Boucher
Lizzie Clarke
Lora Bright
Lorelle McIntyre
Lori Anderson
Lori Finney
Lucie Bouvier
Malin de Koning
Marina Dobrynina
Marina Kosovic
Marion Simmons
Marita Suominen
Marjolein Trewavas
Marsela Schroth
Martha Aleo
Mary Govaars
Mary K McGraw
Maybeline Tay
Mea-B. Uebler
Melissa Trudinger
Menka Gupta
Merja Sundström
Merja Syrjämäki
Michelle Buettner
Michelle Escano
Michelle Wigginton
Milla Hope
Miranda Ackerely

Mowse Doyle
Mrs M Makes
Nan Smith
Natalie Davidson
Natalie Moten
Natascha Marty
Nikki Banham-Hall
Noemi Baena
Norma Turvey
Pam DeBoer
Pam Hurst
Patti Pruhs
Penny Houghton
Penny Mills
Rachel Van-Walsh
Rebecca Sirevaag
Regina Santerre
Regina Wood
Roberta Fauntroy
Rosanagh Watson

Rose Johnson
Rosemary Cheslock
Rossana De Gaspari
Sabine Dittrich
Sam Waghorn
Sandi James
Sandra McGriff
Sandra Wollberg
Sandra Young
Shai Williams
Sharon Palac
Sierra Barrett
Silke Gröber
Siobhán Keogh
Stefanie Teufel
Stephanie Stamper
Sue Hamel
Sue Rennie
Susan Kennedy
Susan McClelland
Susanna Lehto
Suse Stelljes
Susie Hibdon
Suzann Sladcik Wilson
Tara Plote
Terri G.
Terry Carter
Terry Matuszyk
Theresa Frank
Tina Bosh
Tina Noonan
Toltec Jewels

Facebook Participants

Audrey Allen
Cindy Wimmer Muse
Cynthia O'Toole
Deb Floros
Debbie Jensen
Erin Honeycutt
Kaushambi Shah
Lisa Lloyd Harrison
Mary Jane Tanner
Valerie Tilghman

torstai 25. huhtikuuta 2013

Kohti Korukarnevaalia

Lauantaina se on, ensimmäinen Korukarnevaali. Sain sieltä pöydän yhtenä n. 50 korumyyjästä, ja jännittää ihan pirusti... Lisäksi mukana on tarvikemyyjiä, ja pari korutyöpajaa, joihin osallistuminen on ilmaista. Paikkana on Kulttuuriareena Gloria Pieni Roobertinkadulla, klo 11-16. Olen pipertänyt vimmaisesti siitä asti kun tapahtumasta kuulin, ja tässä on kurkistus uutuuksiin.

 Riipus Orsinan Palmetta-mallilla

Riikinkukko kahden mallin yhdistelmä, lintu Carolina Dacasa, pyrstö Shimmering fans, Csilla Csirmaz

Belles Recontres, Coco (La Bijoutisse)

RAWsalie, Mariposa


I got a table at a jewelry fair, which is this Saturday. I'm really nervous, and have been really busy since I heard about it. Here are my newest products.

lauantai 13. huhtikuuta 2013

7th BSBP, 2nd reveal!

The reveal schedule was changed a bit because of our host Lori's health problems (she has a couple of difficult chronic illnesses, but still spends energy on hosting this huge party for us!). So instead of third reveal, it's now time for the second. This means my turn is a week from now (and I have misplaced the clasps >.<), to see the links for this weeks reveals, head on over to the BSBP blog!